Becky G Net Worth

Becky G Net Worth

Becky G is estimated to be worth over $10 million. This has mostly come from music. According to her booking agent, she charges upward of $75,000 per show. She currently has over 24.9 million monthly listeners. There is no reliable information regarding how much she charges for a feature. Becky G also makes money from … Read more

Big Sean Net Worth

Big Sean Net Worth

Big Sean’s net worth is estimated to be $16 million. In addition to album sales, Big Sean also earns money through touring and performing. The rapper makes over $200,000 per concert. He has embarked on several tours throughout his career, including the “Hall of Fame Tour” in 2013 and the “I Decided Tour” in 2017. … Read more

Ne-Yo Net Worth

Ne-Yo Net Worth

Ne-Yo has an estimated net worth of $10 million. This has mostly been accumulated during his time in the music industry. According to several sources, Ne-Yo charges over $100,000 for a collaboration with other artists and over $100,000 for a show. Some of his money comes from royalties earned from artists he has written songs … Read more

26 Songs About Storms

Songs About Storms

We’ve all experienced a storm in one way or another — be it the physical force of thunder and lightning or the emotional turbulence that comes with difficulty and change. Music has long been used as an outlet to express our innermost thoughts and feelings when faced with such storms, creating powerful pieces of art … Read more

21 Songs About Guilt

Songs About Guilt

Do you ever feel like the weight of guilt or regret is crushing you? We’ve all been there, no matter how often we try to avoid it. Whether the feeling is related to hurtful decisions, unresolved conflict, or something else that isn’t easy to talk about, everyone has a unique story regarding feelings of guilt. … Read more

24 Most Charitable Musicians

Most Charitable Musicians

A lot of musicians start their music career from poor backgrounds. As they get more endowed in wealth, they seek to pave the path for others to make the world a better place. In this article, we shall explore the music industry to get a better picture of the top 25 musicians that give back … Read more

28 Songs to Dedicate to Your Sister

Songs to Dedicate to Your Sister

Family is an important part of life as we know it. These are people with whom we share not only blood ties but also a great deal of history to the extent that we spend our younger years with them and with that comes several memories. It is in order thus to appreciate them for … Read more

25 Songs About Sisters

Songs About Sisters

Family bonds can be some of life’s most substantial and meaningful relationships. The bond between sisters is a special one that often transcends all other ties, making it incredibly important to recognize, appreciate and celebrate this phenomenal connection. To help capture the sentiment of sisterhood, we’ve put together a list of 25 classic tunes that … Read more

17 Songs With The Name Sarah In The Title

Songs With The Name Sarah In The Title

Interestingly, names can too be titles of songs. A song’s title is one of the first things to notice about a song. A title is in most cases the most prominent word or phrase in the song. More commonly, the title is generally the gist of the song—what the song is all about. Therefore, the … Read more

18 Songs About Running Away

Songs About Running Away

“Running away” has been a common occurrence from as far as back in times. It is a result of an occurrence or situation that feels like an overwhelming force that carries someone or attracts them to another place. Almost always, there is an impediment or factor in the present place that one feels is making … Read more