11 Best Acoustic Guitars on Amazon

Choosing the best guitar can be hard. In this era, there is the digital option of purchasing online in addition to the alternative of acquiring the item at a local store.

Buying from a local store is advantageous in that you don’t need to go through a lot of hassle. However, your choices could be limited.

In some cases, Amazon is a better option. Amazon has simplified the task of purchasing musical instruments.

Amazon is a digital marketplace where you can buy any musical instrument that you want and have it shipped to you.

Amazon has a variety of acoustic guitar options to choose from.  Additionally, the product information is readily provided on the app.

You just need to look through the acoustic guitars available on the app. From the different sellers, you can choose the one that best suits your goals.

The various sellers provide the information on the guitars that is important in making the purchasing decision.

Among the many specifications highlighted is the material that the guitar is made of, the number of strings, the items in the complete kit, the material which the strings are made of and any extra item provided by a particular brand.

It is worth noting that different brands provide different items. Some brands offer more and additional accessories unlike the others.

This article gives you a collection of the best acoustic guitars on Amazon with all the necessary product details.

It includes a miscellany of acoustic guitar brands suitable for various purposes and categories of people like beginners, kids, teenagers and adults.

Before you go in to purchase an acoustic guitar, it is important that you go through its specifications to ensure that they match exactly what you want.

This will save you disappointments and the need to return the product on opening it and realising that, for example, it is too small and does not fit in your arms.

This article will help you choose the right brand that provides the provide specifications, accessories, price and any other feature that may be of interest to you in buying the right acoustic guitar suitable for your needs.


11 Best Acoustic Guitars on Amazon

Best Choice Products 30in Kids Electric Guitar Beginner Starter Kit w/ 5W Amplifier, Strap, Gig Bag,
  • Perfect size for kids: no need to wait until their arms grow to reach those low notes; with a guitar
  • Single coil pickup: designed with a pickup that converts string vibrations into a rich, electric roc
  • High-quality: this guitar is designed to look and play just like a standard-sized one, with an all-w
  • Complete all-in-one guitar kit: no need to purchase additional accessories, this all-inclusive set c
  • Amplifier included: this 5-watt, battery-operated amplifier comes with a plug-in cable to connect to
Ashthorpe 38-inch Beginner Acoustic Guitar Package (Blue), Basic Starter Kit w/Gig Bag, Strings, Str
  • Perfect beginner guitar: specially designed for students and teens who are just getting started. thi
  • Complete starter kit: entry-level guitar bundle includes 38-inch acoustic guitar, nylon bag, 3 picks
  • High-quality tonewoods: top, back, and sides are crafted from laminated basswood for versatility and
  • Incredible sound: perfect for musicians-in-the-making, this beginner acoustic guitar features an imp
  • Full-size, lightweight guitar: ideal for learners, this guitar is both small and lightweight, measur
Master-play Beginner Full Size 41” Wood Cutaway All String Acoustic Guitar, With Bonus Accessories
  • 41" advanced full-size guitar: this sophisticated right-handed guitar is handmade with an all wood c
  • Intended: this full-sized guitar is customized for beginners and intermediate players - ready to use
  • Practical design: upgraded model has a pretty finish with nice arch and fine craftsmanship. this sha
  • Complete all-in-one kit: why be busy purchasing accessories when you can get them all included with
  • Gift: with getting the master play guitar kit, you've made the best choice. enjoy using it or giftin


1. Best Choice Products Beginner Kids’ Acoustic Guitar.

This guitar is made by Best Choice Products brand. This is an all-wood acoustic guitar starter kit that comes with a Gig Bag, Digital Tuner, 6 Celluloid Picks, nylon strings, capo, cloth and a strap with pick holder.

It comes in different colours including matte black, pink, sun burst, soCal Green, Blueburst, Natural and Red Burst.

This guitar comes in two sizes; 38in which has two options from $54.99 and 30in which has two options from  $49.99.

The body is made of plastic and wood. The neck material type is hardwood. The string material type is nylon.

This guitar is orientated to the right. Its bridge system is fixed. This guitar has six strings. The complete all-in-one kid’s guitar kit contains the guitar, the carrying case, the strap, extra strings, an electronic tuner and a pitch pipe.

There is no need to buy additional accessories. This guitar is perfect for kids. It is sized down to a size that is comfortable for kids.

The classic design allows you to play for hours without getting tired because this new model features a closer proximity between the fretboard and strings.

The nylon strings are easy to press. The sound hole inlay is built in such a way that the rosette is beautifully designed.

You will get less playing fatigue playing this guitar. The nylon strings ensure that you get less fingertip pain.

Best Choice Products assures that their guitar is high quality. This guitar weighs only 3.1 pounds. It has an average of 4.2 stars of 5 stars on Amazon.


2. The Ashthorpe 38 inch Beginner Acoustic Guitar

This is an Amazon’s choice guitar. The brand that produces this guitar is called Ashthorpe. The package includes the 38 inch guitar, the basic starter kit with gig bag, an extra set of strings, the shoulder strap, the digital tuner, the pitch pipe, the instructional sheet and three picks. The size is 38in.

It comes in a number of colours; black, blue, natural, red and sunburst. All of these colours are available in one option from 49.99 dollars.

The top, back, neck and fretboard material type is basswood for versatility and warmth. This guitar has a high-gloss finish for a polished and professional look.

The body material is metal. The string material type is steel. This guitar is hand oriented to the right. The guitar bridge system is fixed.

This is a perfect acoustic guitar for a beginner. You can start strumming away at it as soon as you unbox it because it arrives ready.

The design is most suitable for teens and students that are learning to play guitar. When you have just unboxed it, this guitar is mostly out of tune but as you continue to play it over weeks, it will require less and less tuning.

This guitar features 18 finished frets and 6 pre-installed steel strings. The tuners are easy to use and the neck is comfortable.

The overall dimensions are 38 inches length, 14 inches width and a depth of 3.25 inches. The size is 38 inches and the scale length 25 inches.

The neck length (nut to body) is 12.5 inches and the body length 18.25 inches. This guitar is loaded with 1 CR2 lithium battery. It has an average of 4.4 out of 5 stars.


3. Master Play Wood Classic Guitar

In case you have a child who is passionate about the guitar, this guitar is a right choice for you.

This is a 30 inch wood classical guitar with a case and accessories. It is suitable for beginner kids; both girls and boys. It weighs only 3 pounds.

This is another Amazon’s choice guitar. The colours in which this guitar comes are pink, blue, black, Mahogany, Blue Gradient, Natural, Purple Gradient, Red Gradient, Sun and Wood.

Both left handed and right handed options are available. The right handed has two options from 51.99 dollars and the left handed has one option from 55.99 dollars.

The top and neck material type is bass wood. The body is made of wood. The strings are made of steel. This is a six-stringed guitar.


4. The Best Choice Products 41 inch Beginner Acoustic Guitar Full Size.

If you are an adult that wishes to start learning guitar, this is the right guitar for you.

This guitar is suitable for both beginners and professionals.

This guitar weighs 8.5 pounds.

It comes in a complete kit that does not necessitate you to purchase any additional accessories.

This all wood cutaway guitar starter set bundle includes the case, strap, capo, strings, picks, a pick guard, a cleaning cloth and a tuner.

It is another of Amazon’s choice guitar beginner kit. The different colours available are black, blue, brown, natural, red, SoCal Green, Sunburst and Red burst.

It comes in two styles; Cutaway and Dreadnought. The different colours have different prices for the two styles.

Therefore you need to check out the price for the particular colour that you are interested in. The body material is plastic and wood. The strings are made of nylon. The guitar bridge system is fixed. The hand orientation is right.

The 41 inch body makes playing comfortable. The guitar’s shape makes it possible for you to reach higher on the fret.

The sound hole inlay has an elegant aesthetic design that gives it a modern acoustic look. This acoustic guitar has an average of 4.5 stars on Amazon.


5. Donner Acoustic Guitar

The complete Donner kit comes with the 41 inch right handed guitar, bag, a strap, a digital tuner, a capo, a pickguard, extra pack strings, an allen wrench, a cleaning cloth and celluloid picks.

The various colours available on Amazon are natural, black, spruce and sunburst. There are two styles on Amazon for this guitar; Cutaway and Dreadnought.

The different colours and styles are offered at different prices. It is important therefore to check out the price of the exact guitar that you want on Amazon.

The top is made of spruce. The body is made of spruce, mahogany and wood, the back and neck are made of mahogany and the fretboard is made of purpleheart.

The strings are made of phosphor bronze and high carbon steel. The whole guitar measures 42.52 X 20.08 X 2.76 inches.

This guitar is perfect for teens and adults who are learning guitar for the first time. It has an average of 4.6 stars of 5 on Amazon.


6. Joymusic Acoustic Guitar Kit

The available colours for this guitar are black, sunburst and blueburst. This guitar costs on average 43.99 dollars on Amazon. The top is made of Linden Plywood.

The body is made of wood. The guitar pickup configuration is combination. The strings are made of steel and this is a right hand guitar.  The guitar bridge system is fulcrum. This guitar has six strings.

This guitar is a 38 inch size. It is suitable for children and adults who are beginning to learn how to play guitar.

The complete Joymusic acoustic guitar kit comes with the right handed guitar, a bag, a strap, a digital tuner, a capo, extra pack strings, a cleaning cloth and celluloid picks.

It has a strap pin on the neck and bottom where you can attach the strap and hang it around your shoulders so that you can play the guitar while standing up.

This guitar weighs 2.1 kilograms. The dimensions are 89 X 43.6 X 11.4 cm. The body is made of basswood. The strings are made of steel. This guitar has an average of 4.3 stars of 5 on Amazon.


7. Fender Squier Dreadnought Acoustic Guitar

The learn to play bundle contains the gig bag, a tuner, a strap, strings, a string winder, picks, Fender Play Online lessons and Austin Bazaar Instructional DVD.

The price of the SA series starts from 161.99 dollars.

The top material is made of maple wood, bass wood, mahogany wood. The body is made of mahogany wood. The back is made of maple wood and mahogany. The neck and fretboard are made of mahogany. The guitar bridge system is fixed. The hand orientation is right. The strings are made of steel.

The material that this guitar is made of makes it durable and suitable for constant use. This makes it a perfect guitar for beginners.

In this digital era, it is not uncommon for brands producing musical instruments to provide apps for use in conjunction with the musical instruments.

The Fender Squier acoustic guitar comes with a free trial of Fender Play, an app where you can learn guitar, bass and ukulele.

This guitar has a gloss body finishing which adds on its aesthetic beauty. The rosette is made of concentric rings.

The included Austin Bazaar DVD functions to assist you as you learn to use your newly-purchased guitar. This guitar weighs 9 pounds. The product dimensions are 42.99 X 5.98 X 17.01 inches.


8. The Ashthorpe 41 inch Beginner Cutaway Acoustic Guitar Package

This is a perfect guitar for beginners; students and teens. This package includes a full-size basic starter kit with a nylon gig bag, an extra set of six steel strings strings, a strap, a digital tuner and three picks of different colours.

This pack also includes an instructional sheet that helps you in the proper handling of your musical instrument.

The various options available start from 59.99 dollars. The available colours are black, natural and red. This guitar has a classic body style. The top and back are made of linden. The body is made of metal. The strings are made of steel. The hand orientation for this guitar is the right. The guitar bridge system is fixed.

The scale length is 25.5 inches and this guitar has six strings. Additionally, this guitar had twenty finished frets.

The high-gloss finish on this guitar gives it a professional look. It is worth noting that when this guitar is still new, it is out of tune but as you play it for some time, the strings stretch and get in tune.

It will thus require less tuning on subsequent playing. The Ashthorpe 41 inch guitar is 41 inches long, 16 inches wide and 3.25 inches wide. The scale length is 25.5 inches.

The neck is 14 inches long and the body length is 20 inches.


9. The Moukey 38 inch Acoustic Guitar for Beginners

The package of this guitar includes a gig bag, a tuner, picks, nylon strings, a capo and a strap. The available colours are sunburst, left-handed black, black, pink, brown and natrual.

The top, body and back are made of basswood. The neck is made of Okoume wood. The six strings of this guitar are made of nylon.

These strings are therefore easy to hold down, will not cause fingers to ache and do not damage the guitar bridge. This guitar’s hand orientation is right.

The chord poster that comes along in this package is meant to help beginners to memorise the guitar chords quickly.

This guitar is suitable for kids above 10 years and adults. It has an average of 4.4 stars of 5 on Amazon.


10. The 36 inch Pyle Classical Acoustic Guitar for Beginners

The strings of this guitar are made of steel. The guitar package contains the six-stringed guitar, a travel gig bag, a digital tuner, picks, a lesson card booklet, a cleaning cloth, a guitar shoulder strap for use when practicing and an extra set of strings.

It is suitable for kids and adults. The top, body and back are made of natural linden wood. The fretboard is made of maple wood.

The guitar bridge system is fixed and the hand orientation is the right. This guitar has eighteen frets. This is a ¾ scale size guitar with a traditional body style.

This guitar weighs 4.7 pounds. It features a hand-crafted construction. It is suitable for learning purposes, rehearsals, stage performances and home practice.


11. The Loog Pro Acoustic Kids’ Guitar.

Just like a person can be born with a passion for music, learning a musical instrument can start as early as three years.

This is a kids’ guitar suitable for beginners aged 3+. It is accompanied by a learning app which contains guitar lessons for your kid. It comes in different colours; red, black, green, pink, white and yellow.

These different colours have different prices and a number of different options for each. The top, body and back are made of basswood.

The neck and fretboard are made of maple wood. This simple guitar has three strings, just enough for a kid that is beginning to learn guitar.

This collection is more extensive than exhaustive. There are many other good acoustic guitar brands on Amazon.

The list is however made to include a variety of alternative acoustic guitars for different categories of users.

It is made to include all the important information on the various guitar brands that you may need so that you make the rightful purchase.


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