22 Songs to Dedicate to Your Brother

Songs to Dedicate to Your Brother

Brothers are dearly loved amongst all siblings. They are the ones that lead and guide us when we grow up. At times, you have a good relationship with them. At times, it can be a bit complicated. Inspiration from the nature of these relationships prompted artists to make music for their brothers. In this article, …

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30 Best 90s and 80s Music Of All Time

Best 90s and 80s Music Of All Time

The 90s and 80s were two of the most iconic decades in music history. With the rise of MTV and music videos, the 80s saw a new level of visual creativity in music. In comparison, the 90s brought a new level of raw energy and emotional intensity. From Michael Jackson to Madonna, Guns N’ Roses …

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23 Songs About Brothers

songs about brothers

Do you have a brother with whom you’ve shared good and bad times? Do you bond over music and its inspirational messages? If so, we have curated twenty-three songs about brothers to bring more meaning to your relationship. Prepare yourself to travel down memory lane while experiencing the depth of emotions within each chosen song’s …

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25 Songs about Leadership

Songs about Leadership

A good leader inspires those around him or her. For them to be able to do this however, they have to be inspired themselves first. Inspiration comes in all sorts of forms not least through songs. This particular inspiration is rather unique as it has a cheerful side to it and it rather comes in …

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Who Owns the Beatles Music?

Who Owns the Beatles Music

Founded in 1960 and producing music for ten years thereafter, the Beatles is regarded as the most influential band of all time. The band was entirely English having been founded in Liverpool. The members were; John Lennon, Paul McCartney, Ringo Starr, and George Harrison. In total, they released over 210 songs. John Lennon, Harrison, and …

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27 Best Retirement Songs

Retirement Songs

Are you planning your retirement party or just looking for some great music to enjoy as you transition into a new stage of life? Either way, we’ve got you covered! We have gathered and created a list of the 27 best retirement songs that reflect the joy and challenges of this significant milestone. These tunes …

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23 Songs About Crushes

Songs About Crushes

Do you remember the first time you felt butterflies in your stomach while talking to a crush? It could be during lunch in the cafeteria or at an after-school club. That tingly feeling in our stomachs when we think—or worse, catch a glimpse—of someone who has caught our attention. Those feelings of excitement and anticipation …

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23 Songs About Missing a Friendship

Songs About Missing a Friendship

Humans are very social creatures. We usually seek out companionship amongst our family members and friends. We normally have ideas of who our friends should be like and how we would like to connect with them. Every time we make a friend that fits our criteria, we try to hold on for as long as …

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19 Best Acoustic Songs For Beginners

Best Acoustic Songs For Beginners

Learning the acoustic guitar takes a great passion. You need to dedicate some months or years before you can satisfactorily play it thoroughly well. Every beginner would love to learn up to the professional level of being able to play a full song on their favourite musical instrument that has taken them decades to learn. …

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25 Songs About Flying

Songs About Flying

Although there’s something special about being able to soar hundreds of feet above the ground, there’s also a certain romance to flying. From feeling the wind against your face and looking down at clouds below, it seems like a moment frozen in time. Despite its beauty, people often can’t help but feel anxious when they’re …

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