Jelly Roll Net Worth

Jelly Roll is estimated to have a net worth of $5,000,000 as of 2023. The rapper has made most of his money from music as he charges over $300,000 for a show.

You can get a quote on the price that he charges for a feature when you contact his manager. He has just under 3.8 million monthly listeners on popular music platform Spotify.



Early life

Jason DeFord professionally known as Jelly Roll is an American rapper that was born on 4 December 1984 in Antioch, Tennessee, U.S. His father was Buddy DeFord who tragically died in 2019 after losing the battle to Leukamia.

However, his mother is still alive though he never mentioned her name to the press. She is currently living in a nursing home in Nashville.

Growing up, Jelly Roll spent most of his time with his mother after his parent’s marriage fell apart.

The rapper credits his mother for keeping him out of a life of crime despite being in and out of jail frequently.

The rapper would spend time with his grandmother whenever his mother got arrested. He has three siblings; Scott DeFord, Roger Deford and Shelby DeFord.


Personal life

Jelly Roll’s first wife was Felicia. The couple had two children namely Bailee Ann DeFord ands Noah Buddy DeFord.

The relationship failed to work out and they split up. Some fans claim that it only happened because of Felicia’s continuous drug abuse which got her addicted and arrested.

Jelly Roll moved on to Bunnie DeFord who he is currently married to. He usually speaks of the great love that her current wife has for his kids claiming it is one of the reasons he loves her.


Music Career

Jelly Roll spent a lot of his childhood in and out of jail. Up to 2009, the rapper faced a lot of criminal charges including drug possession.

At this point in his life, he decided to fully focus on his rap music. This would turn out to be the best decision of his life.

In 2010, he became prominent after a collaboration with Lil Wyte got over 6 million views on YouTube.

This was followed by the release of mixtapes titled ‘Gamblin on a White Boy 4’ and ‘Mid-Grade Miracle’. In this time frame, he joined a group called SNO with Lil Wyte and BPZ.

Before working on collaborations with the group, Jelly Roll independently released his first album titled ‘The Big Sal Story’ in October 2012.

This was followed by collaborative albums with SNO, Haystak and Lil Wyte. He released other albums over the years like ‘Sobriety Sucks’ in May 2016, ‘Addiction Kills’ in April 2017, ‘Goodnight Nashville’ in December 2018, ‘Whiskey Sessions II’in April 2019, ‘Self medicated’ in October 2020 and most recently ‘Ballads of the broken’ in September 2021.

The rapper continues to make music while focusing on his family. He keeps active in the music industry while providing for his family.

He is currently signed to Slumerican and BBR music Group. Jelly can sometimes be found singing along to country music which serves as his other music category besides rap.


Final Thoughts

Despite the challenges he faced growing up, Jelly Roll has managed to make something of his life. His work ethic serves an inspiration to anyone out there trying to make it out of the gutter.


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