23 Songs About Brothers

Do you have a brother with whom you’ve shared good and bad times? Do you bond over music and its inspirational messages?

If so, we have curated twenty-three songs about brothers to bring more meaning to your relationship.

Prepare yourself to travel down memory lane while experiencing the depth of emotions within each chosen song’s lyrics, from understanding and accepting their flaws at times to creating unforgettable memories that will last a lifetime.

Whether it be country ballads or upbeat pop tunes, each song carries its meaning – all ultimately connecting to the same underlying theme of sibling love.


23 Songs About Brothers

1. “Brothers Under The Sun” Bryan Adams

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Some lyrics that makes it such an affirming, impressive track is “Our dreams were never meant to fade away.”

This sentence conveys the importance of preserving memories; moments shared with beloved brothers over time.

They evoke nostalgia when remembering playful, carefree days spent together in the sun.

It’s a relatable, heartfelt song that perfectly captures the unique connection between siblings.

Adams has delivered an emotionally-charged, passionate rendition of a brotherly love anthem.


2. “He Ain’t Heavy, He’s My Brother” The Hollies

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This emotional track, written by Bobby Scott and Bob Russell, celebrates the message that brothers lean on each other through thick and thin, embodying brotherly love.

One lyric stands out among all others as particularly profound “The road is long with many a winding turn, that leads us to who knows where, but I’m strong – strong enough to carry him” – reminding us of the strength we can draw from our family’s support.

In addition to its deep symbolism and meaning, “He Ain’t Heavy” also serves as an uplifting reminder of humanity at its best; unconditional acceptance and understanding between two people sharing blood ties.


3. “Brother” Kodaline

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This song brings out all the emotions associated with having a brother, from unconditional love and admiration to an understanding that’s more profound than anyone else can ever share with you.

The lyrics of this heartfelt song resonate meaningfully, and it seeks to bring out the true bond between siblings and celebrate it.

Also, it perfectly highlights the willingness of brothers to lay down their lives for each other and shows how this bond between brothers truly is irreplaceable.


4.  “Brother Mine” Suzanne Vega

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Suzanne Vega’s song “Brother Mine” is an incredibly moving and poignant tale of familial love.

This beautiful ballad was released in the early 1990s and is dedicated to her two siblings, her brother Tim and her sister Mireya.

Its touching lyrics are filled with vivid imagery that captures the bond between siblings in a heartfelt way.

Lyrics such as, “Lonesome we belong together / Rides on a silver wings…” express the idea that despite whatever distance between them, they will always remain united by their unbreakable brotherly bond.

The song speaks to generations everywhere about the power of family and emphasizes why it is essential to cherish those relationships while you can.


5. “Blood Brothers” Luke Bryan

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The Luke Bryan song “Blood Brothers” is a heartfelt dedication to the deep and meaningful bond between brothers.

The lyrics express feelings of pride and camaraderie and emphasize how being brothers’ means that you are always there for each other no matter what.

This beautiful anthem rightly conveys the sense of loyalty, trust, and support that exists between siblings, and it celebrates the unique connection that brothers share.

The song’s melody is soulful yet upbeat – perfect for everyone to enjoy and appreciate.


6. “My Little Brother” Art Brut

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Art Brut, an English rock band, wrote and recorded the track in 2006. The song is full of emotion as it reflects a brother relationship between the singer’s younger sibling, who seemingly always ends up in trouble.

The lyrics advocate for understanding and guidance instead of judgment throughout the storyline.

Musically, it contains a simple guitar-heavy arrangement that builds throughout the track to create an energetic vibe that never fails to get listeners tapping their toes.

Overall, “My Little Brother” is an enjoyable song for anyone looking for something relatable and relevant – particularly those with younger brothers!


7. “Me & Bobby & Bobby’s Brother” ABBA

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“Me & Bobby & Bobby’s Brother” by the Swedish pop sensation ABBA is a timeless classic due to its charming story of friendship and brotherhood.

The song portrays a lively trio of children who, despite their differences, can still look past arguments and work together during an adventure that ultimately reveals the brothers’ bond.

This composition was undoubtedly ahead of its time for its uplifting message about acceptance and team effort.

It also features an easy-listening melody that makes it impossible not to want to sing along.

Few songs provide insight into the joy that can come from understanding one another and putting siblings first.

That’s why “Me & Bobby & Bobby’s Brother” is likely considered one of the best songs ever written about brotherly love.


8. “The Bewlay Brothers” David Bowie

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“The Bewlay Brothers” by music icon David Bowie is a powerful and unique song, depicting the powerful connection that often exists between siblings.

The track contrasts themes of depression and despair alongside bright and uplifting moments. It illustrates the comical nature of brothers and how they are seen as mirrors of one another, making it one of the greatest songs about brotherhood.

Initially written in 1971, the song re-emerged in 1981 on Bowie’s album “Scary Monsters and Super Creeps,” with slightly modified lyrics providing a new interpretation each time.

Every note and verse of this emotive tune speaks to Bowie’s insight into the complexities of sibling relationships and his evident appreciation for them – ultimately making it one of the best songs about brothers ever written.


9. “He Was My Brother” Simon and Garfunke

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“He Was My Brother” by Simon and Garfunkel has one of the most excellent guitar solos ever and is a true reflection of brotherhood.

Paul Simon wrote this song after his real-life experience with his brother Eddie, who died at thirteen.

With themes such as loss and how people’s lives can be taken away far too soon, this moving yet simple piece holds deep emotions of faithfulness, helplessness, and remembrance.

The hopeful ending of the chorus, “Blessed saving grace,” shows that no matter what life throws your way, your bond with others will always remain strong.

This heartwarming song captures the spirit of fraternal love so well that it could easily qualify as one of the best songs about brothers.


10. “The Mother We Share” CHVRCHES

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It is an upbeat yet intense anthem about the precious bond between siblings. It’s a personal and universal message of togetherness and support coming from two sisters in pop music, Lauren Mayberry and Iain Cook.

Lyrics referencing “the mother we share” evoke nostalgia and warmth as they recall happy memories shared with family, while a captivating melodic line celebrates the joys of loving siblings.

The joyful synth-pop tune also serves as a reminder to cherish these relationships, as they can quickly change over time.

Overall, CHVRCHES has crafted an uplifting and beautiful track perfect for any listener looking to express a connection with their brother or sister.


11. “Daniel” Elton John

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This song initially appeared on Elton John’s fifth album, “Goodbye Yellow Brick Road.”

Interestingly, the song was written in honor of Elton’s brother-in-law’s death while he was serving in the Vietnam War.

The lyrics are touching and powerful, drawing upon longing and loss themes. They also paint an intimate portrait of two brothers growing up together – a beautiful reminder to cherish our relationships with our siblings.

There is no doubt that “Daniel” stands out as a timeless classic about brothers, and it serves as an important reminder for us to be thankful for the loved ones we have in our life.


12. ‘’Hold On, Dear Brother’’ The Beach Boys

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This pop classic captures the feelings of love and brotherly protection, so many of us share with our siblings.

The song tells the story of a brother whose younger sibling struggles with life and needs guidance. His message? Don’t give up on yourself, “hold on dear brother through all kinds of weather” because things can get better with time.

This catchy tune has a great message and makes us sing and dance when we hear it – a perfect way to celebrate our brothers!


13. “Big Brother” Kanye West

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Kanye West’s song “Big Brother” is a heartfelt tribute to the rapper’s relationship with his mentor Jay-Z.

The song begins with Kanye recalling how and when he first met Jay-Z, revealing how he admired his new friend’s confident and formidable attitude.

The chorus speaks to the bond between the two men: “Big brother, there you go, getting’ glamorous as usual; kids tryin’ to be like us cause way back in school they wanted to be like you.”

Here, Kanye expresses appreciation for all that Jay-Z has done for him, from providing a model of success for others to aspiring to be a source of inspiration and support in times of need.

The repeated but evolving melody over which the lyrics are sung further reinforces this strong bond between two brothers who look out for each other and value each other highly as family.


14. “The Greatest Discovery” Elton John

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It expresses a strong admiration for the bond between siblings and talks about how nothing can replace that special bond.

Its moving lyrics contain lines like “Brothers make their time fit together / Winter snow to warm each other,” which beautifully captures the strength of family love.

When performed live, Elton would often get emotional and shed tears as he sang. This song remains a touching reminder of meaningful relationships, even 30 years after its release.


15. ‘’Hey Brother’’ Avicii

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The Swedish DJ and producer wrote this inspiring track to express his admiration for how great life can be when we share it with someone special, like a brother.

A heartwarming line from the chorus is “Hey brother, there’s an endless road to rediscover,” which conveys an uplifting message of resilience and unity.

Musically, this song taps into the dance/pop genre with its catchy beat and upbeat production style. It was released in 2013 as part of Avicii’s studio album True.

The single outperformed many songs on the charts, earning platinum certification in multiple countries.

Overall, ‘Hey Brother’ is an inspirational ode to celebrating the special bond between brothers.


16. “Severus and Stone” Radical Face

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This dynamic track speaks to the bond between brothers, as described from an outsider’s perspective.

The hauntingly poignant lyrics touch on some of the struggles and joys that come with brotherhood.

For instance, the singer alludes to witnessing conflicts between “Severus and Stone” – two brothers we learn through the song’s context have shared past traumas: “And he watched them fight all those years / Wishing them both peace but knowing it still disappeared.”

With its warm acoustic sound, light percussion, and meticulous production, Radical Face creates a piece of music that will lovingly linger in listeners’ hearts long after it ends.


17. “Highway Patrolman” Bruce Springsteen

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Working in a folk-rock style, Springsteen narrates the story of a young man’s battle between his duty to his family and his dreams.

The young protagonist is desperate to escape his small-town life, yet he feels obligated to care for a brother in jail.

Ultimately, this heartbreaking tale conveys the powerful influence that brotherly bonds can have over one’s life choices.

Its poignant message has won over Melon and Rolling Stone, placing it among their 100 Best Songs list.


18. “Baby Brother” Mattiel

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This captivating folk rock song recounts familial love and support with beautiful lyrics full of emotion and nostalgia.

With soothing guitar strums and delicate vocals, “Baby Brother” has an enchanting, folksy feel that celebrates brotherly love with understated power.

Its subtle melody speaks of Mattiel’s fondness for her siblings even amid challenging times, and her words serve as a testament to the importance of standing together no matter the hardships life throws at us.

“Baby Brother” is the perfect homage to this bond between brothers, penned and sung with genuine admiration by indie rock artist Mattiel.


19. “Little Brother” Ella Vos

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As is often seen with many real-life stories of brothers, families, and connections worldwide, “Little Brother” highlights the importance of togetherness in times of strife or joy.

The artist behind the track, Ella Vos, is an up-and-coming singer-songwriter whose music tackles serious issues such as self-acceptance and mental health.

In “Little Brother,” she explores the lifelong connection between brothers with a tender piano melody and lyrics that captivate listeners of all ages.

From expressing being protective to reminiscing about youthful adventures together, Vos spins a beautiful story about her relationship with her brother.


20. ‘‘Oh Brother’’ James Taylor

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This classic song celebrates the unique bond between two siblings—and their courageous journey through life together.

While it may be upbeat musically, a poignant narrative gives the piece its emotional resonance as James reflects upon memories from his upbringing with a younger brother.

Through his lyrics, he conveys his protection for his sibling, no matter what life throws at him. Even after four decades of being around us, this gentle classic still speaks volumes about brotherhood and those timeless ties that bind us.

It continues to be an anthem of sorts for many brothers out there!


21. ‘’He Was My Brother’’ Simon & Garfunkel

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‘He Was My Brother,’ a song from the legendary folk-rock duo, Simon & Garfunkel, has resonated with many as one of the greatest songs about brothers.

What makes it so unique is that it captures the raw emotion of deep brotherly love in its heartfelt lyrics and beautiful acoustic guitar melody.

The song tells the story of Garfunkel’s older brother, who died in 1957 when he was just 20. Highlighted are the delicate sorrow of a life cut too short and the profound love between two brothers.

The song is an ode to lost family members and serves as a reminder to live life to the fullest while cherishing loved ones.

It is indeed quite remarkable to experience such powerful emotions through their music.


22. ‘‘What’s happening brother’’ Marvin Gaye

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It has long been beloved as the definitive ode to brotherhood. The song’s mellow and soulful groove carries powerful undertones of love and camaraderie.

The lyrics address a friend and go beyond a simple greeting – offering advice on staying strong, supporting each other, and looking to one another for much-needed emotional sustenance. The thoughtful words fit perfectly with Marvin Gaye’s iconic soundscape making it a classic brother song that has stood the test of time.


23. ‘‘On the wings of a nightingale’’ The Everly Brothers

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“On the Wings of a Nightingale” by The Everly Brothers is one of the greatest songs about brotherhood.

With its peaceful and melodic sound, the classic track reflects on everything good that comes from having siblings around – understanding and camaraderie being at the top of the list!

After all, brothers are often our most reliable confidants and play an essential role in teaching us life lessons.

Embedded in this hit single are heartfelt lyrics expressing each brother’s love and admiration for the other.

Ending with both singing ‘We’re only just winging it, babe’ together, there couldn’t be a better song to capture the unbreakable bond between two brothers.


Final Thoughts

Brothers are an integral part of life, and growing up together is often seen as one of the most special bonds between two people.

Whether it’s celebrating their successes or commiserating when things don’t go as planned, each artist has crafted ways through which we can explore the dynamics between siblings in an engaging, meaningful way. Enjoy!


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