25 Songs about Leadership

A good leader inspires those around him or her. For them to be able to do this however, they have to be inspired themselves first.

Inspiration comes in all sorts of forms not least through songs.

This particular inspiration is rather unique as it has a cheerful side to it and it rather comes in an easier fashion than say reading a book or going through an experience in life.

All this makes it the more important.


25 Songs about Leadership

1. Here it is my life by Bon Jovi

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Many leadership pursuits start out as thoughts. One will see a situation and feel compelled to do something about it etc.

There is a catch to this however; transitioning from imagination to realization could go on forever. Here it is my life will give one reason to get started.

The writer reminds his audience leadership is neither for the weak, nor for the departed arguing that failing to start is failing to recognize that one won’t live forever.

He then readies one to believe firmly and face the reality.


2. Human by Christina Perri

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It is a slow song with a powerful message and nice vocals. It is my best song on this list. It’s theme centers on the fact that leaders too have fallible sides to them contrary to what many seem to think.

Even a virtuous head is not an angel as Christina sees it.

She paints a picture of real sacrifice, commitment, and selflessness showing that in those cases too one can do so much.

Staying up for days, or knowing what best serves constituency doesn’t help at such times. If one hits their limit, then that is it.

The song is thus a request for more understanding and empathy for our leaders. It is a call for support when they need it most. It is a ridicule of scorn and slander.


3. Everything is awesome by Tegan and Sara

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The song is about team song about teamwork and unity too all which two aspects are not always present among people.

The lyrics reduce accomplishments to the group level as opposed to the same being centered on one person as often portrayer.

The artists argue that it is such achievement that is meaningful and lasting. They further indicate that everyone is the same. We look a like and share the same interests.

This is so powerful if especially understood in the line of otherwise divisive factors like racial and religious differences. Everything is awesome is the perfect antidote.

It is also quick and so one may dance along in the most funny ways.


4. If everyone cared by Nickelback

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The song is centered on a serious issue. Its feel of musicality however, especially comes out in the way Nickelback is able to tone tensions down with constants of “Amen” and “I’m alive”.

At the heart of it all, the song views leadership as best working when everyone is playing there part.

For example, he talks about the unwillingness by most to go past their misconception when “from underneath the trees”, they “watch the skies confusing the stars for satellites.”

The song further challenges listeners to care more and cry less, love more and lie less, swallow our pride more and share too etc.


5. Doubt by Mary J. Blige

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The song starts off with are series of “they said” as though this is in reference of distant people. “They said I’ll never be a leader. They said I’ll never wear a crown. They said I should learn to settle down if I wanted to be someone…”

As it later turns out however, these words are voiced by the writer’s inner self. She is not alluding to anyone but that other that second guesses one as they put their eyes to something.

Lucky enough, the artist finds her way out of it all and has now made it. She has had to face a couple of hardships like losing friends but it was all for the best.

The doubting self still remains though. Her plea in the song thus, is that she doubts no more. She hopes she can do this by looking at her previous accomplishments.


6. Ready, set, goals

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Setting objectives is quite everything in leadership. It really extends to every sector of life. Whether it is in sports, or administration, entertainment, or education, this song will help to remind you this.

It is produced to appeal to simplification and so it will work well when nurturing children. Moreover, its chorus is easily memorized.

First, the song talks about dreams. They should be bright. Once envisioned, then they can be actualized. This should be coupled with a plan and the right mindset too.

At that point, one is ready. They can now setoff into the direction of their goals.


7. Don’t worry, be happy by Bobby McFerrin

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The thing many people may not understand is that leadership is essentially taking on problems. An easier way to think about this is everyone always has their fair share of troubles.

Becoming a leader then is adding other people’s problems onto that.

There are days when you will have to scratch your head to no avail; there will be others when you will simply tear up.

During such times, McFerrin reminds us that instead of worrying we should keep happy.

He perfectly understands these challenges. His reasoning is however, that we only cause further detriment when we worry ourselves.

The song is really not just words though but the audio too. It matches best a time when the listener is at their lowest. Bobby voice smooth and gentle, to this is added mixture of chaps and sounds of “Uuh”. As for the accompanying instruments, they are just enough.


8. On top of the world by imagine dragons

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The song is celebratory. Prior to moving up, you have to go through a lot. This is the song for when you’re through.

It also does well for reflecting how much it cost you especially when you are feeling cheerful.

The song tells of love never told either because would be loves disappeared before one made up their mind or even because of death. It tells of mountains hiked and rivers endured.

All this has prepared its subject for a moment that he now enjoys on the top of the world.

He has been waiting to smile. He has been dreaming of this since his childhood. And here it all comes.


9. Leader in me by Johnna Day

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Prior to leading anyone, one must believe in themselves first. They must be fully persuaded by their values and in full recognition of their potential.

It’s then that they can sale themselves to everyone else. The song centers on the moment when one finally resolves to come out.

Johnna tells herself that she is ready now more than ever. She knows that change is the only alternative left so she won’t do otherwise. She fills powerful in this moment.

She will employ this to stand up for those that can’t on their own do so. That’s the leader in her

She will seize the moment and go all out to meetup with the world and show what it is that boils within her.

As you horn the leader in you. Johnna will cheer you on in just the right way.


10. Truth to power by One republic

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The song is one of the most political ones on the list. The message is however, delivered subtly. It is the kind of song that movements for change will want to keep close.

One republic borrows a form of an overarching entity. The kind that could write a letter about anything and the kind that has been around for a while now seeing minutes first and eventually years.

From here, he draws a conclusion of what he has made of power overtime. Like he has seen minutes turn to hours, and hours into years, he says, he has seen truth turn to power.

The description is as though the development is natural making it the more saddening. In the end, the song is in commiseration of times that have seen people do everything there is to be done for the sake of getting into power.


11. Change by Taylor Swift

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Change is song about hope. It is about daring to envision a future that overcomes the present limitations. It is about the stuff that leaders are made of.

First, Taylor talks about the situation as it stands; gain accruing to those that unfairly solicit for it and opportunities lost to avoidable situations.

It all feels familiar as history rather repeats itself; a draining experience.

Just there though, the song communicates of a potential that can still be tapped. You and I can do something to turn odds in our favor.

The song is meant to cheer us on as the revolution gets underway and the walls formerly put up come crumbling down.


12. Preach by John Legend

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Like if everyone cared, preach is about the responsibility of a single person in society. John Legend’s song is however more introspective and its setting is more turbulent.

The context is best for a leader speaking to their constituency in the presently bitterly divided west.

And of course, John’s touch of elegance isn’t missing.

He explores the pain of 21st century dwellers whenever they turn on their phones only to learn of more political trivialities with each coming day almost appearing to be in competition with all previous ones.

This isn’t a helpless man hurting but someone somewhat confused.

His dilemma is lacking the courage to do anything even when he is well aware that he ought to. As he sings, he hopes that there will be strength sweeps him.


13. The climb by Miley Cyrus

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Leadership is about problems. You can’t find solutions if there are no problems to start with. If you understand that, then your leadership is pretty much sorted. This is what Cyrus’ central teaching in climb.

She talks about mountains that one should be prepared to move one after another. Not because it is an easy path, but because there is no other way.

At times, some encounters will defeat us terribly yet the trek has to continue. Finally, our efforts may pay off. Even then however, it would have always been about the process.

This should aid one in times when everything seems uncertain and in cases when they appear to want to give up on their pursuits.


14. Man in the mirror by Michael Jackson

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Michael Jackson subtly attacks folks who seem to be disgruntled all the time arguing that they would no better if they could only start with quizzing their own ways.

This to him should always be the first step before anyone thinks about going all out.

This resolve to adjust one’s life for the better should be intentional and as serious as one would say about their solutions for the world. This is the meaning behind what Michael calls the man that one looks at when they stand in the mirror.

The thesis explores a couple of examples for those who become convinced. One of them is being more kind to those that don’t have enough to live by.


15. Fight song by Rachel Platten

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Every leader has a belief system upon which his or her decisions always depend. The same grows overtime with adjustments coming in some areas and more nuances in others.

Fight bases on the time when leaders first come out with what they believe should be done encouraging one who is meeting up with preliminary pushback to learn to contend with it.

Rachel talks about persons who might think she is deluded and the costs she might have to encounter to remain firmly anchored not least losing friends and the comfort of sleep.

All in all however, she doesn’t intend to back down on her endurance. Like a small boat in the ocean, she will send big waves into motion. She will scream out loud on and on.


16. Heroes by Alesso

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The song will do well in a leadership class or any other arrangement that seeks to initiate leaders. Therein, Alesso talks about the people we consider to have done heroic things arguing that they are not that different from everyone else.

Her diagnosis is that everyday people continue to be the way they are simply because they choose to remain that way.

When daylight comes, they opt to hide waiting for the sun to set and always moving in places where the streets are empty. If they could rethink their patterns, they would be heroes too.


17. You’ve got to stand for something by Aaron Tippin

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Aaron shares a simple lesson from his father that he believes the world around him should know about.

While his old man was no person recognized beyond his immediate neighborhood, he was most honorable when it came to his perspectives on life.

He didn’t like to pick fights but when he did, consistence remained one of his strengths.

His rationale was that someone who stands for nothing will always fall for anything. This didn’t mean that he didn’t make compromises though this too had limits.

This truth comes in handy when talking of leadership as one will always be dealing with persons holding conflicting interests.


18. Unwritten by Natasha Beddingfield

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The song will work for a leader in the making; someone with a desire to invest in a good intentioned venture yet still unsure of how she should go about it.

The listener will learn from the song that that is okay and that they don’t have to rush themselves.

Natasha defines this individual as, “unwritten” and “undefined” now that they can’t read their own mind. I am undefined.

The descriptions are so accurate that someone at this stage of their life will certainly identify with it.

Talk about letting “the sun to illuminate words you can’t find”, or drenching “yourself in words unspoken”. It is all too real.


19. Live like we are dying by Kris Allen

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The song’s message spans beyond leadership it is still relevant to this article’s scope.

Allen talks about things often taken to be small and others considered for later remarking that none of it should be ignored.

His direct examples are failing to profess our love for those around us enough as well as hunger for greater even when something could be used for the stuff with which we have in the moment.

In the end, Kris’ message is that it is the now that matters. It is the small things that make a difference.

This is relevant in so many ways for any leader; do you for example appreciate enough those with whom you work with?

Do you appreciate the privilege bestowed on you by virtue of the position you hold or you’re consumed by your desire to race to the top instead?


20. Story of your life by Mathew West

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Life is not always fair. Furthermore, we are not always perfect ourselves. In the face of these realities, it is the case that some hurting situations will happen to us.

Consider losing an election for example or even being betrayed by your closest associates.

Mathew argues in story of your life that grime as these incidents may at times get, what we make of them is entirely up to us.

We could choose to view them as moments of regret for the rest of our lives or second chance opportunities. Being the story tellers in the said narrative, we get to determine how the rest of the chapters get to be read.


Other Songs About Leadership

  • I will survive by Gloria Gaynor
  • Ray of light by Madonna
  • Run the world by Beyonce
  • Step by Step by Whitney Houston
  • Try by Pink


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